A man standing Summerhall

Event : Friday 12thAugust at 1pm at Summerhall : “Real-life protagonists of Edinburgh Fringe prison plays to meet public”

Real-life protagonists of Edinburgh Fringe prison plays to meet public The protagonists of two powerful autobiographical prison plays are to come together this Friday 12thAugust at 1pm at Summerhall, where both their plays are being staged, to meet the public. Belgian Jean-Marc Mahy was sent to prison at the age of seventeen and spent almost 20…

UK immigration detention centre mortonhall

“Removal from Association (DC Rule 40) and Temporary Confinement (DC Rule 42) : introduction of Solitary confinement in Britain’s immigration detention centres, “even if it could kill them”.

Source  (Picture : Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre) Immigration centre staff told: Put ‘disobedient’ detainees in solitary confinement – even if it could kill them Exclusive: Revised Government policy described as ‘new charter for cruelty’ Jon Stone Political Correspondent 2 August 2016 People held at Britain’s immigration removal centres can be thrown into solitary confinement against medical advice…

Ile de Ré

Guantanamo chez nous ? Fenech (LR) prône un Guantanamo à la française sur l’île de Ré ! French MP calls for ‘new Guantanamo Bay’ for terror suspects !

Source (français) Source (English), see article below   Fenech (LR) prône un «Guantanamo à la française» Par AFP — 20 juillet 2016 à 11:01 (mis à jour à 15:27) Georges Fenech à son arrivée au bureau politique du parti Les Républicains le 18 juillet 2016 à Paris Photo FRANCOIS GUILLOT. AFP     Le député (Les Républicains) Georges Fenech, président de la commission…

Festival Edingburgh A man standing

Belgian Play “A Man Standing” from Jean-Michel Van den Eeyden and Jean-Marc Mahy at Edingburgh International Festival (03 > 14/08)

United Kingdom of Belgium, now in Scotland ! in association with proudly presents – A MAN STANDING – Jean-Michel Van den Eeyden / Jean-Marc Mahy / Stephane Pirard Jean-Marc Mahy entered prison at the age of seventeen. He spent nearly 20 years detained, three of them in solitary confinement. On stage with performer Stephane Pirard,…

Arthur Johnson II

Mumia Abu Jamal on Arthur Johnson : 37 years in solitary confinement (PrisonRadio.org)/ Arthur Johnson 37 jahre ununterbrochen in Isolationshaft (Junge Welt.de)

Source : Prisonradio.org   SOLITARY: ARTHUR’S WORLD . ©’16 Mumia Abu-Jamal His name is Arthur Johnson, and he has lived in his cell, in the ‘hole’, for 37 years. You heard me right: 37 years! He was first cast into the Pa. Dept. of Corrections version of hell (officially known as solitary confinement) in December…

"Acheson said they “tested the idea to destruction” over concentration versus dispersal and visited Maghaberry prison’s Roe house, the “prison within a prison” that holds some of Northern Ireland’s most high-profile terrorist prisoners. "

Towards European mini-Guantanamos : “prisons within the prisons for dangerous Islamist prisoners” (See article in The Guardian 13 July 2016)

(photo : Roe House, a prison within the Maghaberry prison in Northern Ireland)  Source by Alan Travis A hardcore of proselytising Islamist jihadis inside prisons in England and Wales are so dangerous they need to be isolated in special units in maximum security prisons, an official review into prison extremism has said. The justice secretary,…

Fleury Mérogis surveillance Salah Abdeslam

Tortures modernes : le traitement de Salah Abdeslam à Fleury-Merogis en question, par Jean-Yves Nau (trois articles)

(photo Jean-Yves Nau)  Salah Abdeslam est-il d’ores et déjà condamné à une mesure «pire que la peine de mort» ? Micro Guantanamo à Fleury-Mérogis ? Remarquable papier dans Le Quotidien du Médecin (Christian Delahaye) ; papier distancié traitant d’un sujet qui déchaînera bientôt quelques passions : les conditions de détention de Salah Abdeslam, 26 ans, dernier membre vivant des commandos terroristes du 13 novembre…

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