Trois émissions radio pour rendre audibles les conséquences des politiques antiterroristes. Par Chedia Le Roij.

Perquisitions massives, mises à l’isolement systématique en détention préventive, déportations administratives, déchéance de nationalité… la liste des mesures adoptées par la Belgique au nom de la lutte contre le terrorisme et le radicalisme est extensible ad nauseam. Ces lois et pratiques des institutions répressives et judiciaires se traduisent par une augmentation spectaculaire de la violence…

Detain and Punish Carl Lindskoog

Immigration and the Carceral State, A conversation with Carl Lindskoog (

Source Carl Lindskoog is a historian of immigration, race, and rebellion whose forthcoming book “Detain and Punish: Haitian Refugees and the Rise of the World’s Largest Immigration Detention System” locates the roots of America’s current immigration policies in the history of U.S.-Haiti relations over the past several decades. The horrific practices like child detention are…

Addameer administrative detention

Palestinian prisoners boycott Israeli military courts and refuse medicine to end the practice of administrative detention

ADDAMEER (Arabic for conscience) Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association :  ON ADMINISTRATIVE DETENTION Palestinian prisoners to refuse medicine as boycott escalates  (Source : The electronic Intifada ) Tamara Nassar  16 May 2018 Palestinian prisoners have decided not to take medicine as part of an escalating protest. As well as boycotting Israeli military courts, detainees will now…

America’s hidden world : some 100.000 people in the U.S. are held in solitary confinement on any given day (Video)

America’s hidden world : some 100.000 people in the U.S. are held in solitary confinement on any given day (Video)

Source : Solitary Watch Solitary Voices: Journalists and Advocates Uncover a Dark Corner of the U.S. Criminal Justice System by Jean Casella, May 17, 2018 Al Jazeera English’s media show, “The Listening Post,” has a feature on the challenges that journalists and advocates have faced exposing solitary confinement in U.S. prisons and jails—a hidden world…

Guantanamo Younous Chekkouri photo

Younous Chekkouri, a Moroccan national : “NO life after 13 years in Guantanamo” (Articles by Sudarsan Raghavan and Andy Worthington)

(photo Long after his release, an ex-detainee struggles with Guantanamo’s torturous clutches SOURCE By Sudarsan Raghavan April 25 SAFI, Morocco — His days in captivity inside the U.S. naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, where he said he endured different forms of torture, are long over. If only the memories were, too. Three years after his release,…

Amnesty on Egypt


(photo Amnesty international report) With torture rife and prison conditions falling far short of the international minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners, there is a human rights crisis in Egypt’s prisons. Prisoners are subjected to overcrowding, a lack of sufficient nutritious food, bedding and minimum hygiene and water and sanitation standards,and poor ventilation and…

7 mois au Bagne Berryer

The return of colonial times : UK to build prison in Nigeria. Le retour du bagne : la Grande -Bretagne va construire une prison au Nigeria

  (photo 7 mois au Bagne, Berryer. Editions avec en postface l’interview de Jean-Marc Mahy par Luk Vervaet) Lire en français : Africapostnews (photo : Kirikiri prison in Lagos, ) UK to build prison wing in Lagos to transfer Nigerian prisoners (SOURCE) Reuters Staff LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will build a new wing at Kirikiri…

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