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European Parliament to investigate CIA’s torture and rendition operations in EU (11 February 2015)

By Victoria Parsons SOURCE The European Parliament today voted to investigate the extent of the CIA’s detention, torture and rendition programme in EU countries. The decision comes two months after the US Senate intelligence committee published a redacted summary of its six year investigation into the CIA’s detention and interrogation programme. The European Parliament’s committees on civil liberties, foreign affairs and human…

murat kurnaz

“Survivre à Guantanamo”, l’histoire de Murat Kurnaz, jeune Turc né en Allemagne emprisonné à Guantanamo. Cinq années d’enfer, dont il ressort un film à charge

Murat Kurnaz, jeune homme d’origine turque vivant à Brême, cherche à donner un sens à sa vie en se tournant vers l’islam. Peu après le 11 septembre 2001, il entreprend un pèlerinage au Pakistan pour y étudier le Coran. Il n’y parviendra pas : en chemin, il est arrêté et livré aux autorités américaines, avant…

Solitary aclu

A Solitary Failure: The Waste, Cost and Harm of Solitary confinement (Report by the American Civil Liberties Union))

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) confines 4.4 percent of its prison population in solitary confinement. Texas locks more people in solitary-confinement cells than twelve states house in their entire prison system. On average, prisoners remain in solitary confinement for almost four years; over one hundred Texas prisoners have spent more than twenty years…

Extradition 28 January 2015

PODCAST : Saskia Sasken, Gareth Peirce, Jeanne Theoharis on Extradition & the Erosion of Human Rights

‘Extradition and the Erosion of Human Rights’ Wednesday 28 January 2015. 6.30pm-8pm Sheikh Zayed Theatre Speakers: Gareth Peirce, Professor Saskia Sassen, Professor Jeanne Theoharis Chair: Professor Susan Marks Since 9/11 the rules governing extradition from the UK to the US have been systematically relaxed, and safeguards designed to protect against injustice have been dismantled. British…

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