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Arthur Johnson II

Mumia Abu Jamal on Arthur Johnson : 37 years in solitary confinement ( Arthur Johnson 37 jahre ununterbrochen in Isolationshaft (Junge

Source :   SOLITARY: ARTHUR’S WORLD . ©’16 Mumia Abu-Jamal His name is Arthur Johnson, and he has lived in his cell, in the ‘hole’, for 37 years. You heard me right: 37 years! He was first cast into the Pa. Dept. of Corrections version of hell (officially known as solitary confinement) in December…

"Acheson said they “tested the idea to destruction” over concentration versus dispersal and visited Maghaberry prison’s Roe house, the “prison within a prison” that holds some of Northern Ireland’s most high-profile terrorist prisoners. "

Towards European mini-Guantanamos : “prisons within the prisons for dangerous Islamist prisoners” (See article in The Guardian 13 July 2016)

(photo : Roe House, a prison within the Maghaberry prison in Northern Ireland)  Source by Alan Travis A hardcore of proselytising Islamist jihadis inside prisons in England and Wales are so dangerous they need to be isolated in special units in maximum security prisons, an official review into prison extremism has said. The justice secretary,…

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