Poster A man standing London 21 November 2014

21 November 2014 : A Man Standing in London

Eric Allison, The Guardian’s prisons correspondent : « The monologue « A man Standing » is a dramatic, highly charged tale ». « In my time I have read, listened to, or watched, many accounts of penal life, fact and fictional; but not encountered too many that have transported my mind immediately back in a prison cell: Jimmy Boyle’s Sense of…


Prison Break: 18 Square Foot of Emotion

Posted on June 26, 2014 by GEE GEE FREELeave a comment  Jean Marc Mahy has the body of a sixty year old and the eyes of a child who has seen too much. He looks like the unknowing infant beaten by his father in a drunken stupor; his irises tell a story of vulnerability, subterfuge and suffering. As…

Jean-Marc Mahy

The theater play « A Man Standing » : former Belgian prisoner puts life and death in solitary confinement on stage.

An interwiew of Jean-Marc Mahy by Luk Vervaet an a human being survive solitary confinement? Can he ever overcome the impact of being locked-up in long-term isolation, a detention regime described by detainees, academics and activists for human rights around the world as « white torture », « a form of psychological warfare » inside cells that are «…

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