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“Murder in Guantanamo”, by Victoria Brittain ( 21 January 2015)

In the wake of the much-redacted partial Senate report on CIA torture of Muslim prisoners in secret prisons across the world no American is, yet, facing trial, as international law against torture demands.

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(photo : Victoria Brittain (right) and Farida Aarrass)

Two CIA secret sites inside Guantanamo – codenamed Maroon and Indigo – were identified in the Senate report, but did not get the attention they deserve. That could change. A new book charges that CIA operatives murdered three prisoners in a secret camp inside Guantanamo on the night of June 9 2006. It describes too how the camp hierarchy and the official Naval Criminal Investigation Service orchestrated a cover-up of the crimes by reporting the deaths as suicides inside the mens’ own cells. This information should be the basis of trials for murder and perversion of the course of justice.

Joseph Hickman, now 50, was a marine and then a soldier in the army and the National Guard, a veteran of US foreign wars, a prison guard, and the recipient of more than 20 awards and commendations. Ronald Reagan is his favourite US president and he describes himself as a conservative. As a Staff Sergeant at Guantanamo Bay he was with a Military Intelligence battalion. He was the first soldier to fire on prisoners in Guantanamo Bay. But, with a chance offer to cover the night shift as Sergeant of the Guard for a friend with a severe migraine on June 9 2006, Hickman was transformed into the most significant whistleblower on Guantanamo in the 13 years of its war on terror history. He is now an Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow at a prestigious law school.

Murder at Camp Delta, published on January 20 by Simon and Schuster in the US, goes far beyond what Hickman and other soldiers saw that night as the guards in charge of observing all exits and entrances of Camp 1 and the rest of Camp America…

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