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New campaign to end solitary confinement launched ! (ESC, End Solitary Confinement, May 2021)

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Our new campaign to end solitary confinement launches today. Please share this within your networks!

End Solitary Confinement (ESC) is a campaign group focused on ending solitary confinement and segregation within criminal justice, immigration and psychiatric systems.

In all of its forms, solitary confinement is a type of torture which denies people the meaningful human contact that is necessary for their health and wellbeing. Whatever name it goes by, solitary confinement is an established practice in prisons, psychiatric detention, and migration detention

We seek to end this particularly egregious practice because it serves only to isolate, dehumanise and harm people. Furthermore, solitary confinement is disproportionally inflicted on more marginalised populations, and it does not make our communities safer.

Our main activities are as follows:
We gather research that details the impact and harms of solitary confinement on people who are imprisoned.
We collect and publish stories about the use of solitary confinement from those who have experienced it.
We provide research, writing, information and context on the use of solitary confinement in the UK, with the aim of supporting a collective knowledge base.
We build connection, collaboration and solidarity with other groups, movements and campaigns in order to highlight the impacts of solitary confinement and imprisonment, with the aim of ending these practices.
We recognise all forms of imprisonment and detention as violent practices which increase levels of harm and trauma in wider society and make us all less safe. We want to make sure no one experiences solitary confinement now or in the future. Human beings are not disposable, regardless of crime or conviction.

For more information on this campaign please see our website or contact us at

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End Solitary Confinement Campaign
Solitary confinement is a widespread practice throughout different kinds of incarceration facilities in the UK. There is no official policy of solitary confinement, but there are a range of different official schemes for segregation and isolation.
Solitary confinement currently happens in prisons, psychiatric detention and migration detention.
Solitary confinement must be abolished because of its significant and severe long-lasting harms, which often cause or contribute to early death. While the most fundamentally harmful aspects of solitary confinement (social isolation, reduced environmental stimulation, and loss of control over almost all aspects of daily life) are inherent to the entire carceral system, solitary confinement compounds and intensifies these devastating effects.
In March 2020, the government was told by health experts to reduce the prison population to protect people from Covid-19. The government ignored this advice and more than 80,000 people were placed in isolation for 22 to 24 hours a day. Those in detention centres and psychiatric units face the use of similar practices.
These extended solitary confinement measures were only meant to be temporary.
They have now been in place for over a year.


Prison activist and editor. Luk Vervaet is the author of « Le making-of d'Anders B. Breivik » (Egalité=Editions, 2012), « Nizar Trabelsi : Guantanamo chez nous ? (Editions Antidote, 2014), " De grote stap achterwaarts, teksten over straf en gevangenis" (Antidote & PTTL, 2016). He is co-author of « Kim et Ken, mes enfants disparus » (Editions Luc Pire, 2006), « Condamnés à la prison? Ecrits sur un monde caché » (Revue Contradictions, 2008) et « L'affaire Luk Vervaet : écrits sur un interdit professionnel » (Revue Contradictions, 2011).

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