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“Le gouvernement va finir par transformer notre pays en Guantanamo” !” (Le juge Luc Hennart dans Sudpresse.info 15 février 2016)

SOURCE  Le juge Luc Hennart très critique envers le gouvernement Michel : “Quant à la fameuse perquisition visant Salah Abdeslam à Molenbeek, le juge avait de quoi entrer s’il voulait vraiment entrer la nuit…” F. DE H. Luc Hennart, le juge qui cartonne actuellement sur RTL-TVi dans l’émission du dimanche soir « Face au juge », est le…

The Maze prison in Northern Ireland

UK government considers single secure jail unit for Islamist terrorists (The Guardian 13 February 2016)

(Photo : The Maze prison, where republican IRA and INLA inmates died during a hunger strike in 1981. Photograph: PA) Proposal to replace dispersal system with ‘British Alcatraz’ to house convicted terrorists has alarmed prison chiefs The government is seriously considering placing all convicted Islamist terrorist prisoners in England and Wales in a single secure unit,…

Shannon airport

Shannon Airport: Ireland’s Gateway to Torture, by Aisha Maniar

SOURCE   Despite Ireland’s steadfast denials, activists have gathered evidence of the country’s link to US rendition and torture activities, and the US Senate torture report has made accountability unavoidable. The scale and brutality of the CIA’s extraordinary rendition program would not have been possible without the ample and willing assistance provided by dozens of…


European Parliament to investigate CIA’s torture and rendition operations in EU (11 February 2015)

By Victoria Parsons SOURCE The European Parliament today voted to investigate the extent of the CIA’s detention, torture and rendition programme in EU countries. The decision comes two months after the US Senate intelligence committee published a redacted summary of its six year investigation into the CIA’s detention and interrogation programme. The European Parliament’s committees on civil liberties, foreign affairs and human…

Extradition 28 January 2015

PODCAST : Saskia Sasken, Gareth Peirce, Jeanne Theoharis on Extradition & the Erosion of Human Rights

‘Extradition and the Erosion of Human Rights’ Wednesday 28 January 2015. 6.30pm-8pm Sheikh Zayed Theatre Speakers: Gareth Peirce, Professor Saskia Sassen, Professor Jeanne Theoharis Chair: Professor Susan Marks Since 9/11 the rules governing extradition from the UK to the US have been systematically relaxed, and safeguards designed to protect against injustice have been dismantled. British…

Web Stop Torture main

Amnesty International (20 January 2015) : complicit governments in Europe must act in wake of US Senate torture report

SOURCE European governments that cooperated with the CIA’s secret detention, interrogation, and torture operations as part of the USA’s global “war on terror” must act urgently to bring those responsible to justice following a US Senate report containing new details said Amnesty International in a new briefing paper today. “Breaking the conspiracy of silence: USA’s…

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