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USA Albert Woodfox Solitary cover

Albert Woodfox’s Book Released : “Solitary: Unbroken by four decades in solitary confinement. My story of transformation and hope.”

Photo angola3news.blogspot.com BOOK REVIEWS : Gabino Iglesias (National Public Radio) and Dwight Garner (NewYork Times) In ‘Solitary,’ Determination And Humanity Win Over Injustice March 5, 2019  GABINO IGLESIAS Solitary Unbroken by Four Decades in Solitary Confinement, My Story of Transformation and Hope, by Albert Woodfox and Leslie George. Hardcover, 433 pages  By the time Albert Woodfox was…

Australia Nauru and Manus island

Dewever & Francken’s model : refugees on Guantanamo Bay and in Australia

(Photo above : Nauru and Manus Island are Australia’s Guantanamo Bay. (Image: arenamediavideo via YouTube/)  Belgian minister: Europe needs Australian approach to migration. ‘Those who come to Europe should lose their right to asylum,’ said Theo Francken By SILVIA SCIORILLI BORRELLI 6/16/18 To read the article : click HERE Refugees on Guantanamo Bay : A blueprint for…

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